Renewals and Rent Increases – a Landlord’s Guide

When you and your tenant sign a leasing contract at the beginning of a tenancy, it usually locks both parties into the agreement for a set period of time, whether that’s six months, a year or longer. There may be a break clause that allows either party to get out of the contract at an agreed point, but otherwise the tenancy will run for the specified time.


Benefit from Boxing Day Boredom

Don’t let the season have an impact on getting your property let with Stirling Ackroyd. We can ensure you take advantage of the festive uplift in traffic and help you start your new year with a new revenue stream.


Rental prices reach record levels in London

It’s no secret that the UK has been undergoing something of a housing crisis for a number of years now. Successive attempts to tackle the issue still leave us with affordable homes in short supply.


Mind The Gap – how to avoid voids over Christmas

Traditionally, the Christmas period of November and December sees action in the housing market tail off substantially. The last few tenants of the year, whether students or connoisseurs seeking to avoid the Summer rush, have all been housed towards the end of October and beginning of November before the really cold weather starts and viewings become few and far between.


Five frequently asked questions from tenants

As a landlord, managing your own rental property can often mean you have to deal with tricky questions from tenants about various aspects of their tenancy. These can range from basic maintenance needs to more complex compliance issues.


A sit down with a happy landlord

We sat down with one of our landlords to find out what they like about our service and why they chose Stirling Ackroyd to let their property.