There is no time like the present to think about professional inventories and cleaning.

The importance of fresh professional inventories and cleaning


As a landlord letting out a property, New Year is a great time to analyse some interesting points. Have you ever thought of listing five New Years’ resolutions solely related to the property you’re letting?

“I’ll get that guttering fixed this Spring”, or “I’ll finally take care of the wonky door handle when the weather gets a bit better.” New Years’ resolutions often start with great intentions to get things done, but when you relate them to the property, you’re letting out to someone, why wait until Spring?

There’s no time like the present

At Stirling Ackroyd, we really understand the importance of property inventories. That’s why our excellent Renewals and Re-lets team carry out thorough inventories of the property and the contents within at Check-In and Check-Out. Not only is it the best way for the landlord to stay on top of the condition of the property as well as the furnishings and appliances within, but the process also acts as a safeguard against disputes and differences in opinion when it comes to returning the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Everything is down in writing, in black and white. At Check-In, everything was like this – at Check-Out, now it’s like this.

It makes it clear as to what has been damaged or broken and falls under the tenant’s responsibilities, and what can be deemed as reasonable wear and tear and falls under the landlord’s responsibilities, thus making the exit simple and straightforward.

It’s important that the property inventory goes into as much detail as necessary. Although the landlord will always want to protect their biggest asset, many tenants are unaware that the procedure can protect them too.

A New Year check-up

In between the Check-In and Check-Out, Stirling Ackroyd therefore proposes the Check-Up. This is simply an inventory carried out on the property by our fully qualified team of experts at the halfway point in the year, further protecting you from unwanted deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy.

For all landlords, upon your request, we’d arrange for one of our inventory specialists to go through the initial Check-In inventory of the property, then to conduct a secondary midpoint check with the tenant present, highlighting any potential problems and fully managing any concerns or queries to the full satisfaction of both parties. This Check-Up is included as part of the Fully Managed Plus service but is available at an additional cost to all of our landlords.*

This will act as official documentation at the Check-Out, which will serve to demonstrate if anything has been damaged between the midpoint Check-Up and the end of the tenancy.

Check-In, Check-Up, Check-Out. The three simple steps for letting Stirling Ackroyd assist you in looking after your property to the highest level possible.

Spotless from the start

It’s a well-known cliché that once the long Winter is over and the weather starts getting warmer, we start addressing the cleanliness of our homes. We throw open the windows, beat the rugs, wash all the linen and it’s then and only then that Spring has sprung.

The thing is, by the time the Winter letting ‘void period’ is coming to an end in mid-January – and the first few potential property seekers start requesting viewings before the rush – why not have your property spotless in readiness?

As with so much in life, pride mirrors pride and if a tenant sees that they’re working with a landlord who takes such an evident interest in the well-being of the tenant to whom they’re letting, then that tenant will be motivated to keep it clean too.

Everybody enjoys living in a tidy house (despite what your teenage sons and daughters might say otherwise), and at Stirling Ackroyd, we recommend keeping your property spotless from the start, keeping the tenant happy and the rental income, well, incoming.

More than half of deposit disputes (56%) are related to cleaning or involve cleaning as part of a more complex dispute. Simply by sprucing the property up on a slightly more regular basis could save you time, effort and stress in the longer term.

Stirling Ackroyd – the best option for you

With over 25 years’ experience of letting, selling, buying and managing property all over Central and East London, we really have seen everything there is to see. For that reason, we know how to deal with all the issues and problems that can cause headaches to landlords.

Contact us today for an inspection of your property, a formal inventory, or even just a free valuation appraisal. Whatever it is you need, we guarantee to make your life easier when it comes to letting your home.

So why not make sure the New Year provides a fresh, clean start for both you and your tenants.

*A half way point inventory is available free of charge as part of the Fully Manged Plus service. If you are not a Fully Managed Plus landlord you can still take advantage of this service for a charge of £66 inc. VAT.

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